Will tapestries with floral patterns look good on your wall?

Some of you are considering using tapestries because you are afraid of they won’t look well on your wall. You are thinking of the wall color - if it must be pure white or could be colorful to hang the tapestry on? You hesitate about the tapestry’s pattern. Will it looks good when my wall is white or could I use it when my wall is: red, blue, green, yellow e.g.

I did some research and find patterns that fits everything, even the colorful wall. Floral pattern will made your day and solve the problems with matching.

Floral pattern are smooth, romantic and girly so you can decorate your girl’s bedroom or a living room. Watercolor flowers looks amazing so the’re woth considering as a wall decor.

Here, catch some floral decor ideas:

1. Vintage Flowers Art

B&W floral vintage pattern would be perfect for a white or black wall. It’s dark so it can be used in bright interiors e.g. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Are you a fans of dark art and vintage decor? You will love my tapestry as I did.

2. Royal Blue Vintage Flowers

Blue floral pattern tapestries are often used in a kitchen or a bedroom. This watercolor blue royal flowers will perfectly fit the china-ware accesories so it will look really lovely on a kitchen wall.

3. Roses are red

Roses are definately the most romantic flowers. Who doesn’t like them? They will look awesome in a girl’s bedroom (especially a teenager bedroom) or a nursery. If you want your girlfriend to be happy – give her this tapestry – I promise you she will be amused.

 Floral patterns are universal – they’re colorful themselves so they fit any interior. They’re delicate and elegant and a watercolor ones look like a real painting!

Don’t hesitate and check out our gallery to find the most beautiful floral tapestries jus for you!

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