Pastel tapestries for summer

What do you see when you hear a world ‘wall decor’? I’m sure the first tought that reached your mind was a ‘wallpaper’. It’s nothing weird, wallpapers are the most popular and most common in wall decor. But what to choose if you don’t want to change the whole interior’s look? The answer is simple – a tapestry.

 Tapestries are unique and original way to decorate anything at your home, not only a wall. You can use them to give a new life to your sofa, bed or an armchair. My product are made of polyester wchich means that they can be used outside and inside as well. You can also clean them with a wet cloth without worrying about the colors and details.

Now, if you know where you can use my tapestries in your home, let’s think about colors and patterns. It’s summer so it’s pastelstime! Let me show you the power of pink:


This tapestry includes all what ‘summer’ means: pink, pinacolada and exotic trip! Are you in? Pink pastel dots with a black pineapple pattern are subtle and delicate enough to be used as well as kitchen, bathroom or a girl’s bedroom.


Flamingos are everywhere! This year’s summer trend are flamingos not a unicorns. You can find them on my durable tapestries too! Flamingos and hawaii flowers – can you imagine best summer union than pink flamingos and hawaiian flowers?


Can you spot sparkling blue (almost turquoise) clean water? Let’s hear calming and relaxing sounds of pure refreshment! This wall decor would be perfecr for summer heat – just one look and You’ll feel better. It’ll be for bathroom, where you can have turquoise acessories and bath stuff.


If you are looking for traditional pastels, check out the gallery.


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