2019 Bathroom Trends

As everyone already knows, year 2019 is the year of abstract and colors. Let's try to focus on this while we think about decorating our bathrooms with proper shower curtains. It's the first thing you can easily change in your place of relax and it has a big influence on your mood.

It is really important to choose the shower curtain that you really enjoy and feel good around. If your bathroom used to be "boring", I totally prefer picking a colorful one, with significantly strong color. After you know you choosed the right hanging decoration you might want to change your towels for ones that will match with shower curtain. I've prepared three designs that I hope you wil enjoy!

This is the one I find top-trending not only this year. It's universal and wonderful. Just imagine a white bathroom with this shower curtain and maybe some red towels? With just a few steps you are going to turn your bathroom into a spa!

A shower curtain design for bathroom that you won't usually meet. In my gallery of shower curtains you will find a lot of unique motifs that appear nowhere else. Let's revisit colorful vintage designs and give them a chance!

A little bit of abstract art in your bathroom is always a good idea. Really relaxing for eyes and mind shower curtain might be a perfect choice for you. It's incredible how many changes can be brought by a single change in your bathroom.

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