Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General information

    1. Pinkpalmdecor.com shop is owned by Defto Sp. z o.o. - Szafarnia 11, 80-755 Gdańsk, Poland - hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
    The following regulations describe the conditions of using the website. A user of the website is obliged to familiarize themselves with the regulations and making a purchase means accepting the conditions.
    All the relations resulting from the agreement made between Pinkpalmhome.com and Customers are subject to general conditions of sale. Any exceptions require a prior consent of the Seller and the Customer in the written form or must be included in the following regulations.
    By placing an order, the Customer agrees to provide full and true personal information. In case of providing false information, the Customer is liable for any loss that may be incurred.

§ 2 Concluding the agreement

    1. All the images and any other products presented in the Internet or any other media by Pinkpalmhome.com do not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 543 of the Polish Civil Code and are only an invitation for the Customer to make a purchase offer. Purchase offers can be made by means of online forms prepared by Pinkpalmhome.com or in writing by email.
    By placing an order the Customer expresses the will to conclude a purchase agreement on the conditions described in the following regulations as well as the in the order.
    Placing an order, the Customer is obliged to take into account the total cost of the order. All prices on the website are gross, include 23% VAT where vat is applicable and do not include the cost of delivery.
    The Seller reserves the right to refuse to provide the service and realize the order if the products include content that is against the law, decency or the rules of social coexistence. The shop also reserves the right to modify the prices of the products included in the offer as well as the cost of delivery of the ordered products.

§ 3 Payment

    Payment for the order can be made by PayPal or by credit card, debit card, transfer via PayLane sp. z o.o. which is located in Gdańsk at ul. Norwida 4, zip code: 80-280, company number: 0000227278
    The Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept certain forms of payment under certain circumstances.

§ 4 Invoices

    The Seller attached receipt or vat invoice for all orders.
     If the Customer want to get vat invoice, it's nessesary to get correct information in order card.
    The receipt or invoice is attached to delivering package.

§ 5 Delivery

    Delivered products are shipped by a courier service or collected in person at the Customer Service Office when agreed upon.
    The moment of sending an email confirming the acceptance of the order for realization is to be considered the beginning of the term of realization. The email is sent after receiving complete information regarding the order.
    The term of shipping of products offered by Pinkpalmhome.com is up to 3 weeks.
    The cost of delivery is calculated for each order individually and is available in the oder configuration tool.

§ 6 Shipping damage

    Upon receiving the package from the courier, the Customer should check it for any damage. In case of discovering any damage or if the package has been opened prior to delivery, do not sign the receipt and ask the courier to fill in the shipping damage report.
    The Customer is obliged to inform the shop about shipping damage as quickly as possible.

§ 7 Limitation of liability

    The Seller is not liable for any temporary unavailability of the Online Shop nor the speed of its functioning as well as technical and electronic problems which may occur while placing an order if the reason for such difficulties is independent of the shop.

§ 8 Terminating the agreement

    The Customer has the right to terminate the agreement for convenience within 30 days from receiving the subject of the order. The returned goods or prints must be intact and cannot be damaged or used in any way. The returned goods cannot be copied, published or duplicated before returning. The returned goods must be complete and include all elements. Refund does not include shipping and does not apply to custom orders (made for individual size).
    2. Having agreed with the Seller by email, the prints should be sent back to the address specified by the Seller. The Customer is liable for the cost of delivery. The Customer is liable for securing the package for shipment. Shipping adress:
    Szafarnia 11, 80-755 Gdańsk, Poland
    3. In case of prints made for customised size the Customer does not have the right to terminate the agreement.

§ 9 Claims

    All offered products have a 12 month guarantee period. The guarantee period begins on the day of delivering the products to the Customer.
    In case of any discrepancies between the ordered and the received goods, the Customer is obliged to make a claim in writing to: contact@pinkpalmdecor.com.
    Minor differences between the delivered and the offered products do not constitute a basis for making a claim. Such minor differences include minor differences in colour, size and type and quality of the print base. Such differences are unavoidable in the production process, whereas colour differences may result from different settings of the user's computer screen.
    The Seller is obliged to process the claim within 14 days of receiving it.
    In case of products non-compliant with the agreement, i.e. either products which have a flaw which reduces their value or usability or incomplete products, the Customer is entitled to demand the Seller to bring the goods to the condition compliant with the agreement by a free-of-charge repair, exchanging the goods to new ones or if there is no such possibility, a refund.
    The Seller is entitled to request the faulty goods to be returned.
    The Customer is entitled to making a claim regarding only products in the same condition as delivered. In case of discovering technical flaws after installing the wall mural, claims will be rejected.
    The Seller is not liable for any damage which may occur as a result of taking actions which are either wrong or non-compliant with the agreement.

§ 10 Terminating the agreement by the Seller

    In case of force majeure, the Seller reserves the right to terminate the agreement for convenience within 7 days from concluding it. In such a case, the Customer is not entitled to making any claims. The Seller is also entitled to terminate the agreement within 7 days in case of any third person interference in the structure of the shop in result of which the functionality, parameters of the shop as well as the mechanism of placing orders and prices are changed.

§ 11 Privacy policy

    1. Use of this site requires personal data processing of a client in the following matter: first name and last name, phone number, e-mail, shipping and billing adress. Data will be processed by: PinkPalmDecor in a way that is crucial to agreeing on a contract, as well as its fulfillment.
    Transaction data, including personal data, can be transferred to PayLane Sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk at Norwida 4, zip code: 80-280 and shipping companies, on the terms that it will beneficial on in service connected to order payments and shipping, on the terms that it will beneficial on in service connected to order payments. A client has the right to see the content of his data and any corrections made to it. Sharing of information is voluntary, however, at the same time it is crucial to using this site.
    Data will be processed by PinkPalmDecor for direct marketing purposes or for services provided by Drukarnia Piga.pl Sp. z o.o., hereby a client has the right to decline the right to processing his data in this manner.
    PinkPalmDecor protects personal data from any form of unauthorized sharing, copying and taking by unauthorized personnel, processing in disregard to clauses, and changing, loss, defecting or destroying of data
    Customers may demand transfer of data and it's correction, limitation of data processing and deletion of data. In any case, please contact the Seller via e-mail: contact@pinkpalmdecor.com

§ 12 Final provisions

    To all matters not settled herein, provisions of Civil Code or any other legal regulations pertaining the functioning of online services and shops shall apply.
    PinkPalmDecor reserves the right to modify the information included herein.

§ 13 Product Reviews.

I) The review you post in our store must pertain to the product you purchased. You can describe its flaws, advantages, functionality, and your experiences with using the product.
II) Your comments should only relate to the topic of the product being reviewed.
III) You can write one review per product. Subsequent reviews for the same product will not be published.
IV) Before posting a review, please ensure its content complies with the law, good manners, and does not infringe on the rights or personal goods of others.
V) Reviews, comments, and discussion entries must not:
a. grossly violate the principles of language correctness rules
b. contain vulgarisms;
c. incite violence or hatred;
d. promote racism;
e. insult anyone;
f. express views contrary to generally accepted social norms;
g. provide information indicating a crime, unfair competition, copyright or industrial rights infringement;
h. promote products and services of our competition;
i. contain links to other websites;
j. include detailed personal data: neither yours nor that of the advisor you contacted.
VI) You are responsible for the content of your reviews.
VII) We check all reviews that are added. You should add a review if you own the product or have come into contact with it (e.g., someone close to you owns it).
VIII) If a moderator notices that your review violates these regulations, it will not be published and will be removed or edited. This action will particularly occur if the review raises our doubts. We will inform you by email within 7 days of detecting any irregularities.
If you disagree with our decision, please respond to our message within 7 days of its delivery. This period is final; after its expiry, you will not be able to file a complaint, and your review will be deleted or not published. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receiving it. We may consider your complaint and restore the review to the site or remove it from the system.
IX) By posting a review, you grant us an unlimited-time license to use, distribute, publish, copy, modify, and distribute it throughout the European Union for free. Therefore, we may:
a) distribute your review (or part of it) so that it can be publicly accessed by anyone at a chosen place and time;
b) fix and multiply your review (or part of it), i.e., produce additional copies of your review (or part of it) using any technique;
c) grant sublicenses to third parties to use your review or part of it;
d) use your review (or part of it) to promote and advertise our store.
X) Reviews are displayed in the store from the newest to the oldest.
XI) Any user or person using the PINKPALMDECOR.COM service can report content that is illegal or violates the Regulations by sending an email to the contact point at contact@pinkpalmdecor.com. The reporting person should, if possible, provide information that will allow PINKPALMDECOR.COM to verify the report of violation, clarify the reasons why the reporting person considers the content to be illegal or contrary to the Regulations. Communication can be conducted in Polish or English.
XII) PINKPALMDECOR.COM may make decisions to block or suspend content or Accounts based on internal policies and moderation procedures. The moderation policies and procedures adopted by PINKPALMDECOR.COM describe ways and means of identifying content or actions of Users that are examined for violations of the Regulations or applicable laws. The main goal of the developed policies and procedures for moderation is to ensure the safety of Users and persons using the PINKPALMDECOR.COM Service and to combat all abuses.
XIII) Decisions related to the content or actions of Users are subject to evaluation conducted by PINKPALMDECOR.COM moderators, which are in line with the content moderation principles defined in Article 14 DSA in terms of comments and opinions published in our service. All user-published content will be moderated according to applicable laws and our regulations.
XIV) The User will be informed in case of a block or suspension of the content or Account, no later than when the block or suspension becomes effective, in the form of an email message, indicating the blocked or suspended content or Account and the reasons for the decision based on the content of the Regulations.
XV) The User who disagrees with the decision regarding the blocking or suspension of the Advertisement or Account has the right to file a complaint by sending an email to the contact point.